ACDC lighting

ACDC is a leading manufacturer working only with the latest LED technologies to create innovative and revolutionary products. In 2008, ACDC launched the award winning Evolution, a product which is revolutionising the industry with it's halogen eclipsing performance. The product represents LEDs coming of age, and has received great acclaim the world over.

ACDC's approach to LEDs has always been to develop fittings around the light source itself rather than just fit them into existing products. Its design philosophy is to challenge what is expected, and to push the boundaries of technologies and design, to develop products which are not only well engineered, but also aesthetically brilliant.

The quality of ACDC's products is often understated, and in fact significantly better than any other LED lighting manufacturer, not only through careful quality control and manufacturing, but also through design, specification and procurement, to the highest possible standards. Many other manufacturers have chosen to source cheaper products from the Far East, only to slide into the trap of poor LED and fitting quality, with disappointing lifetime results. ACDC continue to maintain the highest quality standards, manufacturing and assembling its products in Europe, delivering outstanding quality, not only at initial installation, but also throughout the lifetime of the product.

ACDC is committed to developing new and exciting products specifically focusing on architectural lighting. Several projects with renowned international light design studios have been completed further strengthening ACDC as an architectural LED market leader.